Victoriana Event Catering

When you need to organise an event It’s funny how simple options are often forgotten, or overlooked.  When a business you know for one thing you ignore for another, because you haven’t asked that simple question, can you…?  Just because the food and service you love, is based in one venue, doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be transported somewhere else. 

Victoriana have created magical memories for so many people, yet the Events side of the business remains almost a secret.  Great wholesome, freshly prepared food is quietly and efficiently delivered to your venue, exactly when you need it. Eliminate the stress of catering for your event and let Victoriana look after your menu.

Special occasions deserve a little bit of extra planning and indulgence.  Victoriana can cater to your needs either within the Tearooms or at your chosen venue.  From luxurious afternoon teas to simple buffets for all ages, Victoriana style will create a menu suitable for your event, your budget and your guests. 

All you have to do is ask.  Have a chat with Marc or Debbie and see how we can help you host your event.